By John & Agnes John & Agnes from GermanyDE 65 years of age or older | Experience level: over 5 safaris

 Visited: February 2015  –  Reviewed: 14 Jun 2015

Exciting Serengeti and Ngorongoro with WildRoot

We had an extraordinary, interesting 9-day safari in Serengeti and Ngorongoro Game Parks, arranged and executed by Wild Root Safari. Beautiful landscape, we saw incredible amounts of animals: apart from the boringly famous “big five”, endless other big and small animals. Especially pleasing to meet were leopard, cheetah, caracal, lion feeding on a buffalo (vultures and fox waiting!), a just born giraffe and hares (never thought of meeting a hare here!). Our driver was a reliable, knowledgeable , pleasant person with sharp eyes. The lodges allowed us to stretch our legs, feed and drink in friendly, comfortable surroundings

By Matias Matias from MaltaMT

20-35 years of age | Experience level: first safari

Visited: June 2015  –  Reviewed: 13 Jun 2015

Excellent service – would go again!

From the very moment we contacted Wild Root Safaris we could tell that they were extremely serious, trustworthy, friendly and understanding and that they were really good at understanding our needs and requests and helping us with even more things that we could have imagined.

When we arrived in Arusha they were on hand to pick us up and help us. They took us around Arusha to pick up some small items, helped us check in to our hotel and drove us to a lovely place where we could get some lunch after the long bus drive coming to Arusha. And this was before the Safari had even started!

On the morning of the Safari our guide helped us with everything, was very good at showing us local things and explaining many things about the city of Arusha. This was when we were driving and there was still a good way to the Tarangire National Park.
It was very comforting driving with a local (Raymond/Maje) who lived in Arusha and knew everything really well. Both me and my travel companion never really liked staying in the bigger cities in Tanzania but with Wild Root we were never worried about anything.

We went on a 4d/3n safari starting in the Tarangire National Park, then Serengeti for 2 days and finished off in the Ngorogoro crater.

The only negative aspect of our Safari experience was the first hotel (Finaka Lodge) – the food was nice and the staff very friendly but the room was way below what you would expect (if you come with a European mindset). We explained this to our safari guide the next day and they were sad to hear about this.
After the safari they invited us out for dinner and said they were sorry about this and that they had already contacted the hotel to check what had happened.

The next two hotels/lodges (Ikoma Tented Camp/Rhino Lodge) were much nicer and we had no issues whatsoever at those places. Where Finaka Lodge was in a small village you completely lost the feel of being on a Safari. At Ikoma Tented Camp and Rhino Lodge we saw wild animals (giraffe, gazelle, water buffalo and some other type of gazelle) come right in to our camp/walked very close to the houses. We could hear Hyena in the night (which scared my travel companion) but I think this was amazing and exactly the experience you want!

The first day in Tarangire was amazing, we saw monkeys, giraffe, warthog (Pumba’s), birds and of course elephants which the park is famous for. Our guide was extremely clever in the way he found the animals which we benefitted from on many occasions. In Tarangire we got within 2-3 meters of around 10 elephants, where some of the elephants were very young. This was a truly amazing experience and I am grateful for being able to observe these majestic animals.

Serengeti was another chapter in its own – from the endless plains to the migrating herds of animals, there was plenty to see and our guide Maje was always quick to look around and spot the animals long before we could see them. We saw a whole range of animals in Serengeti including a Cheetah with four cubs, a Leopard, a leopard baby, plenty of lions, wildebeest, zebra, hyena, warthog and all sorts of Antilope.

When we arrived in the Ngorogoro crated we saw animals right away: Lions, Elephants, water buffalo right next to the car and huge male elephants next to the road. We spotted a Rhino with its baby and even more flamingos than you could possibly count. The crater was an amazing experience and we will definitely go on a safari another time!

After the Safari Wild Root had assisted us in buying tickets for our bus the next day, they helped us check in to our hotel again and the next morning the picked us up and drove us to the bus station. They asked me to let them know once we arrived at our destination, which only proves how much they care and how helpful they are.

All in all I have nothing negative to say about Wild Root Safaris – they catered for our every need and went above and beyond for our every request. It is a relatively small company which only means that they are better at customizing your Safari and making it a truly wonderful experience.

When I am going on my next Safari, there is no question that I will go with Wild Root Safaris.

By Rune Rune from TanzaniaTZ

20-35 years of age | Experience level: first safari

 Visited: April 2015  –  Reviewed: 8 Apr 2015

Fantastic easter

We spend a 4d / 3n safari with wild root and was not disappointed! Everything from the guide, to the lodges was very nice and we never felt anything was missing. Special praise should go to our guide Raymond who was amazing at spotting “the big five” among other cool stuff.

So very pleased, very recommendable!

– Sofie, Kathrine and Rune (Denmark)

By Catalina Catalina from DR CongoCD
| 20-35 years of age | Experience level: first safari
 Visited: March 2015  –  Reviewed: 26 Mar 2015


The Safari was amazing. The service great, the food delicious, all the expectations that we have it, we completed and successful.
The driver/guide was very punctual, he did great job!!
We enjoyed and are very happy with this unforgettable experience.

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By Agnes Zawedde Agnes Zawedde from UgandaUG

20-35 years of age | Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Visited: February 2014  –  Reviewed: 17 Mar 2015

Wild Root Safari Team is the best Tour Team you can work with. We were indeed thrilled by them.

It was all fabulous with Wild Root Safaris. Professionalism and Efficiency best describes the Team.

By Arthur van der Berg & Rina Visser Arthur van der Berg & Rina Visser from NetherlandsNL
| 50-65 years of age | Experience level: first safari
Visited: February 2015  –  Reviewed: 3 Mar 2015

Unforgettable and well organized Safari!

The wildlife was unbelievable, we saw more then twenty elephants more then twenty lions, and lots of giraffe’s, buffalo’s gazelle’s, hippo’s, rhino’s, pumba’s, monkees and so on. We had a nice guide, talked a lot in english. He knew a lot about wildlife and the parks. We had a very good cook, good meals three times a day! Four days riding in the beautiful parks in a good jeep, good tent with comfortable matresses. We enjoyed the Safari a lot! An unforgatteble experience thanks to Wildroot Safari!!

By Kristina Kristina  from United StatesUS
| 20-35 years of age | Experience level: 2-5 safaris
 isited: November 2014  –  Reviewed: 21 Dec 2014

Camping in Serengeti

Matthew took a small group of us on safari and camping in the Serengeti…it was awesome, one of the best trips I have ever done. Matthew was very professional, and helped us organize the trip at the very last minute (hours before hand actually). He was super accommodating and knowledgeable during the trip. In a separate incident just before the trip my passport and credit cards had been stolen in Arusha town-Matthew’s colleague stayed behind to help with legal matters for me at the police station while I went on the safari. He took care of all of the logistics and updated me on progress of recovering my belongings…Matthew still took me along even though my cash for the safari had been stolen. He stayed cool and calm the entire time while ensuring we were enjoying ourselves. I cannot recommend Wild Roots and Matthew’s team any more highly-it was an incredible experience!!

By Ahmed Helal Ahmed Helal from EgyptEG

35-50 years of age | Experience level: first safari

Visited: March 2012  –  Reviewed: 10 Dec 2014

safari trip 06 nights

its amazing experience to see the wild life in close , and watching the animals attitude during the day
i love to go there again and again

By Zrinka Zrinka from CroatiaHR
| 35-50 years of age | Experience level: first safari
Visited: September 2014  –  Reviewed: 24 Nov 2014

Wild Root Safaris was most amazing thing in my life!

Mathew is great person. He will help you through tour, so you feel best. It will be a trip of your life.

By Julie Julie from United KingdomGB

35-50 years of age | Experience level: first safari

 Visited: October 2014  –  Reviewed: 10 Nov 2014

A Life Changing Experience

My dream was to take my family of five on a Safari and I finally did it after doing researching on line and learning Tanzania would offer a better experience than Kenya. I made contact with Wildroot Safari company and was immediately impressed with their efficient communication and competitive price. Once arriving in Tanzania we were met by our safari guide, Matthew who was both polite and very professional. Matthew was a perfect example of what a safari guide should be. He remained patient and extremely knowledgable giving us a great deal of information on the safari national parks and all the animals within them. His calm and gentle character as well as his passion for the animals, allowed my family to feel comfortable asking unlimited questions about every aspect of the safari. My family were able to view the big five as well as many additional animals such as giraffe, Ostrich, jackal, and many exotic birds and creatures. We saw giraffe migrating, lions mating and a large herd of wildebeest being led by a single zebra – activities not regularly seen! Wildroot Safaris arranged a very good standard of accommodation as part of our package with the Serena and Sopa lodge chain as well as Planet Lodge. All three lodgings offered us service with a smile in traditional African style. In my opinion, this has been a trip of a lifetime and given my family an insight to the animal kingdom in the most spectacular way. Thank you Wildroot Safari! more


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