Lake Natron

Set against the Rift Wall is the only active volcano in Tanzania, Oldoinya Lengai (the Mountain of God).   An overnight ascent lit only by moonlight is an unforgettable and mystical experience. At the lowest point of the Rift valley in East Africa sits this shallow soda lake. Volcanic activity releases Sodium Carbonate (Soda) which is washed down to this lake where  evaporation causes high concentrations.

This environment supports algae and zooplankton upon which the flamingos filter feed. The lake is highly alkali and thus is an ideal location for flamingos to feed and to breed while enjoying relative security from predators. Every evening thousands of pink flamingos fly overhead, exposing the deep garnet feathers under their wings. Surrounding the waters edge is a huge expanse of lake flats ideal for walks.

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River camp site

In the shadows of towering escarpments, with fine vista’s from the view point to Oldoinyo Lengai. The long established public camp site, offers basic facilities but good location for those who are lured up the steep slopes of Lengai. Other benefits are its proximity to a year round river running through a steep gorge with a series of three waterfalls. Good to spend a few days here after a Crater highland walk.