Tanzania was a beautiful place in Africa it not only offers view of beautiful high peak mountain but also a wide range of wildlife and amazing beaches with beautiful white sand all over a large area.

The most attracting point in Tanzania was Ngorongoro Crater; it was home to a large number of wildlife with different species. Travelers can enjoy an adventurous safari ride over here which also offers a ride to the extensive areas to watch the wildlife very close in their natural habitat. This safari ride also offers to visit number of swampy grass lands the home of the huge crocodiles. The grasslands of savannah was also a home for lions and cheetahs while travelling through these areas travelers can view these furious animals enjoying their livelihood.

Best time of visit

Travelers can visit Tanzania at any point of time there is no best time to visit this place. Basically all the year round this place can be visited and enjoy its beauty. Travelers can make their plan as to their requirement what they want to see in their trip, because every season offers different things to view. During January to the end of March the great wildebeest migration takes place in Serengeti. During the month of May to the end of October or from January to February the chimpanzees of Gombe and Mahale were more active at this time because of rains. For trekking in Mount Kilimanjaro June to October is the best as they are dry seasons.

Kilwa and Songo

Another beautiful place to visit in Tanzania was the ruin cities of Songo and Kilwa. Tanzanian Government has protected the ruins in these locations. There were tales that the city of Kilwa was one of the most beautiful cities in the whole in between 13th and 14th century. Travelers can also view that in the ruins which contains beautiful palace of that time.

About the beaches

Tanzania also offers beautiful beaches. Travelers will surely enjoy the boat ride over the mighty Rufiji River. Through this path you can reach to the beautiful mangrove forest which is one of the largest in the world. The river way is approximately 600 km long. The famous beach destination was Zanzibar beach. It was a paradise beach offering beautiful view and also few numbers of beautiful and luxurious hotels.

Vacations in this beautiful place which offers both adventurous and beauty at a time are rare. Bush2Beach was only offered at Tanzania.